Why do top brands and retailers choose SRS to solve their retail challenges?

  • Quality

    Trained experienced Retail Staff | Full time Management Team in all major markets to ensure true national coverage | 100% completion, on time, tracked via internet-enabled scheduling and completion reporting | Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Speed

    We design your retail program to fit your needs and timeline | We build backup contingencies into your project to allow for the complexity of retail | We can cover the nation in weeks, not months | We finish 100% on time, guaranteed

  • Customization

    We move to your needs – your pace, your timing, your geography | No set schedule, we follow your schedule | Experienced retail/CPG staff to help design retail solutions | Our experienced retail/CPG staff can provide creative, problem-solving options that work for your brand and your retail customer

  • Technology

    We utilize Natural Insight’s Management Solutions System for robust scheduling, reporting and back-end management | Get customized daily reports, weekly recaps, and executive overviews | Experience speed and accuracy in all phases of the project

  • Experience

    Muti-year experience in retail and brand marketing | Our staff understands the needs of your business | We have worked across all channels and categories | We understand your business and it’s needs at retail

  • People

    In any successful project it’s the people you work with that make the difference | We only do retail and we only hire people with deep experience and passion for the retail industry | Our focus is what matters most to you | Our people are our point of difference

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